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    Last updated: December 03, 2016

    newlive02   2016-12-03 Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting (of Nov 5) are posted, 
       go through Members page

    2016-11-20 Ride schedule 2017 posted to rides page

    2016-11-11 Kelli has already produced an updated Club Pamphlet for 2017 - with the new executive, tentative ride schedule, and lots of other good information. Print it out, passed it on to prospective members, promote the club and competitive riding!

    Here are the 2016 champions:  Congratulations to all of you!

    Training:  First was Carrie Wilson on Brimi, Reserve was Shannon Lightfoot on Tysandra
    Novice:  Champion was Dianne Borger on Prairie Winds Santana.  Reserve was Linda Gillies on Dakota
    Open:  Champion was Brenda Tolpa on Star.  Reserve was Angela Roberts on Grace
    Rookie of the year was Tammy Storie.
    Mileage pins are as follows:  Darice Whyte  1500,  Angela Roberts 1200, Dianne Borger 300, Linda Gillies 300, Shannon Lightfoot 150, Brenda Tolpa  150
    Mileage crests:  Beau Tia Maria  1250/1500,  Dakota 300, Grace 500, Prairie Winds Santana 150,  Cierra 150, Star  150 and Rafiq 150

    2016-11-05 11-55-47

     Everyone’s mileages up to and now including 2016 (Thank you, Kelli !) are updated, go through Members page

    Annual General Meeting on Sat. Nov. 5 saw a good attendance, how about making it 100% next year? Thanks to the members wh came to the AGM.  Thanks to the new board for stepping up and being so enthusiastic. 
    2016-11-05 10-03-44

    2016-11-05 10-04-00

    The latest (Oct.) meetings minutes are posted, go through Members page.

    2016-09-21 Message from our President: MEC was a huge success on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016. We had 17 riders starting so thanks to all of you who came out. Our vet, Dave Snell from Central Vet Clinic, worked diligently to evaluate all of the equines. Thanks for spending your day with us.
    A ride can't go on without volunteers. Maura Leahy marked the trails beautifully and Peter Garn and Elizabeth Bima demarked so thanks so much. Linda Cruden managed the ride with her cool efficiency. Carol Gibson did her usual wonderful job of timing. Mary Anne Kirk tabulated the results and wrote the checks. Linda and Iris scribed as needed.
    We had two new members. Welcome Judy Hooper and Carrie Wilson. We had a couple of new people come out and give it a try. Hope you'll be back. Chad McFarland welcome to your first ride.
    Results (tabulated here) are as follows: Juniors: Abby Manness on Justice placed first and Ethan Garn on Cierra placed second. Both did 25 miles so congratulations.
    15 Mile Training:
    7th was Nichole Malmquist on Aye Chihuahua6th was Rhianna Saunders on Cornelia5th was Tammy Storie on Cynder4th was Trish Forde on Copper2nd was a tie with Carrie Wilson on Brimi and Judy Hooper on RoxieNote: Both are new members!1st was Darice Whyte on MalikaNote: Malika had 0 deductions! It was her first 15 miles also
    Chad McFarland also completed the ride with mileage obtained only.
    25 mile Novice.
    7 riders started and 6 completed.
    6th was Jessica Manness on Glider5th was Shannon Lightfoot on Tysandra4th was Sylvie Shachtay on Scarlet3rd was Dianne Borger on Santana2nd was Brenda Tolpa on Star1st was Angela Roberts on Grace
    Stan Banasiak on Coda started but did not finish.
    Note: We had a real variety of breeds completing: Arabians, quarter horses, Rocky Mountains, Icelandic, Morabs, Paint/arab, WarmbloodSo you see any breed can do this!
    If I have made a mistake or misspelled names please let me know and we will correct it. Another year is in the record books. AGM and Paint night (see below) coming up in November. Stay tuned!

    2016-09-13 MTRC Paint Nite Fundraiser has been confirmed! For those of you that are interested, please follow the link to purchase tickets! There are only 50 spots available, so hurry to sign up and bring your adult friends and family for a fantastic evening of dining, drinking and painting! No experience necessary.
    For anyone who doesn't know what Paint Nite is, it is a social evening where adults can get together for dinner and drinks and have a guided painting class. The materials are all part of the price and at the end of the night, you get to take your masterpiece home! You are not required to be an established artist, but you are required to have a great time! I hope to see you all there! And Straight on till Morning at Gaffers Restaurant (Lockport)
    Paint Nite Events Paint Nite. Drink. Paint. Party! We host painting events at local bars. Come join us for a Paint Nite Party!

    2016-09-12 Thanks so much to everyone who came out and rode on Saturday Sep 10. 2016-09-11-t It was a perfect day for riding and nobody got lost! Results are posted -click here.
    Thanks  again  to all the volunteers:   Hailie and Iris for trail marking, Hailie for managing the ride, Carol for timing and of course Carla, Debbie and Natalie for everything you did.  Our new vet was Kara Rutherford and boy is she ever a fast learner! Thanks so much.
    We had several newbies in the 15 and know it won’t be long before they do a 25.  We also have a new member. so welcome, Trish Forde! 
    Just a reminder that only members collect mileage and points for year end awards.  The good news is if you join now, your membership carries forward to next year.



      We have been featured (as centerfold, no less!) in The Amateur Sports News community newspaper. Click on the thumbnail to get/download a readable-sized picture.



    2016-09-01 The latest, new and revised MRTC Rule Book and scoring cards are completed and posted. Linked also from the ride rules page

    2016-06-21 About the BIRDS HILL PARK RIDE on JUNE 18, 2016

    First of all thanks so much to Darice for managing the ride and taking all those great pictures. Thank you Dianne for helping with the trail marking and being Darices sounding board. Well done you two.

    Thanks to our new scribe, Natalie Nordin. Now we have you trained, we won’t let you go! Carol, thanks so much for timing once again. Great job. Mary Anne you once again did a fine job of tabulating the results. Thanks so much to Neil from Equi -tech for vetting our ride. Much appreciated. Jack and his helpers , we appreciate you setting up and taking down our canopy. Maybe we will be able to do it ourselves next time. Thanks to Emil for demarking the 15 mile loop

    And to our riders: we love it that you all came out and rode and especially to our new riders that came out and gave it a try. Tammy and Jane hope you come back!

    We had two riders complete the 40 miles. Neither rider had done 40 miles before so good for you. Brenda Tolpa on her paint horse, Star was first, Syl Shacktey on her Arabian, Scarlet was 2nd. They received rosettes and t-shirts

    In the 25s, we had 5 riders. Angela Roberts on her Arabian, Grace was first. Dianne Borger on her Arabian, Prairie Winds Santana was second, Linda Gillies on her Spanish Mustang, Dakota placed third, Terry McKee riding her Arabian, TW Agassiz came in fourth, and Stan Banasiak riding the Mustang, Coda came in fifth. All received rosettes.

    The training ride had a total of 9 riders with 6 being competitive and 3 entering for mileage only.

    Elizabeth Bima on her TB, Tucker came in first, Shannon Lightfoot on Claudias Arabian, Tysandra placed second, Ashley Fudge on Arabian, A Mia Mo came in third, First-timer Tammy Storie on her quarter horse, Sadie placed fourth. Another rookie, Jane Wells-Farrell riding her TB, Foxy came in fifth. Christine Dockter on Stitch placed 6th. Rosettes went to the top 5 placings.

    Carla Melquist on her Appy, Connor, Haillie Emms on her Fiord quarter horse cross, Maximus and Iris Oleksuk on her Arabian, Evening Klassic SVA all elected to ride for mileage only.    

    Pembina Valley Shale Shuffle is over - what a lovely ride! Thanks to everyone who rode.  It was a great day for a ride and everyone did so well. The trails were wonderful and well marked..No one got lost!
    Thanks to our volunteers..Angela Roberts, Carol Gibson and Iris Oleksuk and especially to Chelsea Ashton for such a fabulous job of organizing and marking trail.  Also thanks to the vet, Gillian Dobson who worked hard with 22 horses (both CT and Endurance rides were on) coming and going. Here are some photos.
    7 riders rode and finished the 25,
    Brenda Tolpa on Star finishing first
    Dianne Borger on Santana finishing second
    Terry McGee on TW Agassiz in third spot
    Bernie Schlamp on Cocoa in 4th
    5th went to Christine Dockter on Stitch
    Stan Banasiak and Linda Gillies also finished in fine form
    Elizabeth Bima and Cheryl Hedley unfortunately did not finish the 15 miles.  Thanks so much for coming...next time there won't be cattle!


    facebookFacebook MTRC  While there is no longer a forum, members can communicate via a MTRC Facebook page.

    To all  PROSPECTIVE NEW RIDERS - if  you are new to the sport and unsure of yourself, do come out to ride with us anyway! We will match you up with a mentor, someone with experience in competitive rides. You can also e-mail us beforehand.

    Preregistrations: In order for a ride to be held there must be a minimum of 6 preregistered, prepaid riders.  In order for the 40 to be held we must have 2 prepaid, preregistered riders

    Anyone wishing to pre-pay  can send their payment to MaryAnn Kirk at 838 Alfred Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 0T6.  She must receive it a week before the ride, or it can be dropped of at anyone of the executive at least  1 week before the ride.  In order for the 40 mile to be held there must  be at least 2 preregistered riders. It is now possible to use e-transfers. The money needs to be sent to Mary Anne, her e-mail is yaknow3@hotmail.com .  Follow the instructions on your  bank's website. Depending on your institution, there may be a charge for the transfer, but on the other hand, you will save on postage (and possibly on cheque charge). Do not send your entry form electronically, just the money. Bring the form along with you to the ride.

    Getting ready for the next riding season? Iris has prepared several useful checklists of gear that you may wish to not forget taking along. Look for it on the Useful Info page.

    Want to know about the Rules for rides? Click here.

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