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    Last updated: July 27, 2014

    newlive02  2014-07-27 Good news! The Spruce Woods ride is a go as we have enough riders, so here are the directions, courtesy of Maura. Be careful on Hwy 5, it is no longer closed, but marked on the provincial website as “Caution - When highway conditions are marginal and require caution due to unpredictable conditions.” As to the horse trail conditions: two track trail with some single trail, footing is 95% hard packed sand. We will not be going through the sand hills as the trail is being set for ease and speed.  There will be ample water out on trail.
    See Spruce Woods ride Poster  here (.png  or .pdf).   NOTE : as of Juy24 , No. 5 highway access is still closed, according to the provincial Hwys dep. Watch this space for alternate access directions and other info. Iris says: "Don't forget to preregister ... I believe if you are staying over on Sat night that there is a pot luck with DRM, so think about that. Hope to see lots of you there.”

    2014-07-17 July meeting minutes are posted, go through the Members pages.

  • 2014-07-13  We have no one to mark the trails for the Lavenham ride.  We have to cancel the ride.
    We wonder if anyone would help with a ride at Mars Hill.  We think that August 16 is the best time to hold this ride.  We need to have someone commit to marking the trail.  We have a ride manager.  We also need riders to commit.  Please let us know if you would ride and also if you could help out with the trail.
    We don't want to cancel but may have to without volunteers and participants.
    Iris is away for two weeks so please call Angela at 204 461 3637 or e-mail akrobert@mymts.net.
    Thanks and don't forget Spruce Woods.

    2014-07-12 Info will be out soon about the Spruce Woods ride coming on August long weekend.  Remember to preregister as we need at least 6 people!
  • 2014-06-23 Many thanks to our many volunteers who helped out with the  BIRD’S HILL RIDE JUNE 22,2014.  It was very successful and the sun was shining!
    Thanks so much to Maura Leahy for a great job of trail marking.  Barb Olson for registration.  Carol Gibson and Mary Anne Kirk for timing and scribing and Dr Glen Sinclair for vetting.
    We had 6 riders who rode the 15 miles. Seven riders started the 25, with 5 placing and 2 DNF.
    Click here for full results. Thank you to all who competed and we’ll see you at the next ride!

     On the evening of June 21, 2004, the club presented the
    It was lots of fun! Click here for a recap of the ride by our president. Thanks so much to all the riders and volunteers.  Also a big thank-you to MHC for waving fees for the ride.  We will have about $500 to donate.

    The fun ride at Birds Hill park on Sat. June 7th saw perfect weather and a good turnout of riders. Thank you to the organizers, the guides, and all who came to ride. How about joining us for the Solstice Moonlight Charity ride on the evening of June 21 (see above) and the ride next day (see Rides)?

    2014-05-26 Well, it was hot, hot , hot at our Sandilands ride last Saturday.  Thanks you to all who came out and made our ride one of the best.  21 riders entered! - click here for detailed results.
    Thank-you especially to our wonderful vet who put in a longer than normal day.  Dave Snell from Central Vet Clinic did a much appreciated job of vetting.
    Also a huge thank-you to Camille Sochaski who scribed, Mary Anne Kirk who timed and calculated the results.  Iris Oleksuk for managing.  Wendy Carnegie, Angela Roberts, Iris and Rod Oleksuk for trail marking. Apologies to Barb and Gord for not putting you to work…next time look out!

  • We had three juniors finish the 15 miles: Avery Delannoy on Dante, Abby Manness on Justice and Ethan Garn  on Ginger  who completed his very first ride with us.  Well done, you three!
  • 15 miles    We had a fabulous turnout for the 15 miles with several new riders and a total of 14 entered.
  • 40 miles    The 40 milers got off to a late start .  Due to heat and hills none finished on time.
     click here for detailed results.
  • To all  PROSPECTIVE NEW RIDERS - if  you are new to the sport and unsure of yourself, do come out to ride with us anyway! We will match you up with a mentor, someone with experience in competitive rides. You can also e-mail us beforehand.

    Preregistrations: This year, in order for a ride to be held there must be a minimum of 6 preregistered, prepaid riders.  In order for the 40 to be held we must have 2 prepaid, preregistered riders

    DISTANCE RIDING CLINIC took place on February15th 2014 ;9am-4pm; many thanks to    BestStables-29040SaptonRoad for the use of their indoor arena, and to Dr Glenn Sinclair, Maura Leahy, Jessica Mannes, Wendy Carnegie, Daryce Whyte (and her Tia Maria) for demonstrations, instructions and explanations. THANK YOU !

    Changes to the website: Please note that the FORUM has been abandoned, because it was constantly under attack from spammers, and use by members was minuscule. In addition, old minutes and photo galleries were ‘pruned’ off the site, for the sake of easier maintenance and faster loading. The information is not lost, though, our Board members have received archived versions. We are not turning our backs on the club’s long history.

    2014 Riding Season in a nutshell - or rather, nicely summarized - in a pamphlet: read, download, print out, distribute it and then, most important, come out to ride! The pamphlet (big THANK YOU to Kelli for producing it again) contains the ride schedules for both MTRC (competitive rides) and DRM (endurance rides), contacts, membership application and ride fees, and also condensed rules and general introduction to the sport.

    2014-01-28 Ride schedule for 2014 is posted, also updated ride fees

    15-06-2013 Anyone wishing to preregister and save a bit of money can send their form and cheque to MaryAnn Kirk at 838 Alfred Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 0T6.  She must receive it a week before the ride.  In order for the 40 mile to be done there must  be at least 2 preregistered riders. It is now possible to use e-transfers  with your pre-registration for a ride. The money needs to be sent to Mary Anne, her e-mail is yaknow3@hotmail.com .  Follow the instructions on your  bank's website. Depending on your institution, there may be a charge for the transfer, but on the other hand, you will save on postage (and possibly on cheque charge)if you send your entry form electronically as well (same e-mail address).

    013-01-13 Getting ready for the next riding season? Iris has prepared several useful checklists of gear that you may wish to not forget taking along. Look for it on the Useful Info page.




    Want to know about the Rules for rides? Click here.

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