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    Last updated: August 31, 2015

    newlive02  2015-08-31 Wrap-up of the Bel Air ride (see here for results):
    Everything was perfect for the ride on Sat. the 29th.  The weather was gorgeous, we had lots of riders, Including 2 new riders,  the trails were beautiful and the volunteers were wonderful.  We had fun Friday camping over with so many of you coming early for the ride.

    Again, a sincere thank-you
     to Angela for managing, Carol for timing and day managing, Mary Anne for tabulations and a big welcome to Debbie for scribing.  Also thank-you to Wendy for pictures and Darice for her editing of the pictures.  Trail marking was done by Rod, Iris and Angela and demarking by Natalie, Diane, Emil and George.  Really appreciated not having to go out and demark after riding 25 miles !!  Glen you did your usual awesome job of vetting.  Thanks for all of the information you provide us. 

  • Welcome to Brenda Tolpa and Debbie Peterson-Bagan and congratulations on completing 25 miles with us.
    Ethan Garn on Ginger completed the 25 as a junior - so congratulations!
  • Stead

    2015-08-20 Birds Hill Park August 16,2015 results are posted. We had 12 riders in total.
    Thanks again to all our wonderful volunteers.  Dr. Neil Versavel for vetting our 12 horses, Carol for timing and holding horses, Janine for scribing, Mary Anne for tabulating, and of course Darice and all of her helpers for marking and demarking the trails and also to Darice for managing the ride and dealing with all the park paperwork.  This was no easy task and we are all glad it all worked out.
    Belair is coming up soon on August 29 so see you all there.

    2015-08-13 Latest board meeting minutes are posted. Access through Members page.

    2015-07-04 After the MARS HILLS RIDE - Iris writes: Sorry about the delay in results but the storm killed my internet cable and it didn’t get fixed until yesterday.
    First of all a big thank-you to Glenn Sinclair for vetting and providing us with countless words of advice.
    Without our dedicated volunteers we wouldn’t have a ride.  Angela and Iris marked  trail, Iris, Emil and George demarked trail.  Tracy and Jon scouted and found us our camping spot.
    Carol again timed and was very much appreciated. 
    Linda Cruden, welcome back and thanks for scribing.  Mary Anne, our fabulous results person and expert on all things MTRC, thanks again.  Darice as usual did a great job of pictures so all of us appreciate that.
    We also would like to welcome Syvia Himmelstoss to our club.
    We had 9 riders start and 8 finished. See the Results page.
    Again thanks to all the riders.  We really enjoyed having you compete and thanks for braving that bit of rain at the end!

    2015-07-01 Pictures from Mars Hills ride are posted, thank you Darice!

    2015-06-14 Results and mileages from the June 13,2015 Souris Bend Ride are posted.

    Thank you to Myna Cryderman for showing us where to mark the trails, for clearing trees from the trail and for all the other things you did. to Darice, Dianne,Angela and Iris for going out a week ahead and marking the trails.  Also to Angela and Iris for demarking.
    Thanks to Carla Loewen from Virden for her knowledge and thoroughness while vetting the horses.  As usual, Carol you were an awesome timer and thanks to Iris for scribing. 
    Of course all the riders who came out and braved the long distance driving, the ticks, bugs, Friday night wind and lightning and crazy hills we thank you. 
    We had several riders who were new to this ride as well as young horses who learned how to handle steep hills.  It really is the most beautiful ride in all of the province so please  come back next year!
    Where were all you 15 milers?

  • 12015-06-08 Through no fault of our own we have had to change the BHP ride from July 18 to SUNDAY August 16. Sorry!
    Photos from Sandilands are posted.
  • 2015-05-26              SANDILANDS RIDE REVIEW
                                                      (for results, click here)

  • The competitive ride on Sat May 23 was as good as it gets.  We had 22 riders in various divisions.  No one got lost or hurt or ran into bears  ( except Angela and Iris)!.pond
  • Huge thanks to our vet from Central Vet Clinic, Dave Snell.  You don’t know how much we appreciate your expertise and advice.
  • Hailey Emms you are an amazing scribe.  Carol Gibson, no one can time like you.  Hope you keep coming out.  Mary Anne Kirk, you know it all when it comes to figuring out the money and registering everyone.  Angela Gibson, thanks so much for keeping Vinnie and I company with marking and demarking…actually baby sitting the green horse and providing moral support . Thanks to Rod Oleksuk for mapping and figuring out the trails with me.  Thank-you to Rolly and Linda Gillies for the great singsong on Friday night.


Thank-you to everyone who rode. Come out for the next ride!

2015-03-03 The 2015 MTRC information pamphlet is out - thank you Kelli - please download, peruse, print and hand out to interested

    2014-11-05 Members mileages - horse and rider - now include 2014, thank you, Kelli! Go through Members page

    facebookFacebook MTRC  While there is no longer a forum, members can communicate via a MTRC Facebook page.

    To all  PROSPECTIVE NEW RIDERS - if  you are new to the sport and unsure of yourself, do come out to ride with us anyway! We will match you up with a mentor, someone with experience in competitive rides. You can also e-mail us beforehand.

    Preregistrations: This year, in order for a ride to be held there must be a minimum of 6 preregistered, prepaid riders.  In order for the 40 to be held we must have 2 prepaid, preregistered riders

    08-11-2014   Anyone wishing to preregister  can send their form and cheque to MaryAnn Kirk at 838 Alfred Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 0T6.  She must receive it a week before the ride.  In order for the 40 mile to be held there must  be at least 2 preregistered riders. It is now possible to use e-transfers  with your pre-registration for a ride. The money needs to be sent to Mary Anne, her e-mail is yaknow3@hotmail.com .  Follow the instructions on your  bank's website. Depending on your institution, there may be a charge for the transfer, but on the other hand, you will save on postage (and possibly on cheque charge)if you send your entry form electronically as well (same e-mail address).

    013-01-13 Getting ready for the next riding season? Iris has prepared several useful checklists of gear that you may wish to not forget taking along. Look for it on the Useful Info page.




    Want to know about the Rules for rides? Click here.

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